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Retreat Dharma Talks

2018 IMCW Fall Retreat: Intimacy with Life

Vipassana, or Buddhist Meditation, is a way of opening to life and seeing clearly the totality of one’s being and experience. The practice is based on cultivating a present-centered mindfulness, leading to an unfolding of our natural wisdom and compassion. The focus of this retreat is to enhance intimacy with ourselves and the world. In order to help participants discover a sense of stillness and deep listening, silence will be maintained throughout the retreat except during question/answer periods and interviews with the teachers. In addition to sitting and walking meditation practice, there will be sessions of mindful movement led each day.

2018-10-05 (8 days) Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2018-10-06 Loving Kindness - Awakening and Expressing our Heart (Short talk and Guided meditation) 36:50
Tara Brach
This short talk and guided meditation remind us that we each have the capacity to awaken our hearts. We explore together the lovingkindness (metta) meditation, and emphasize holding our own being and dear ones with a tender, open and loving presence.
2018-10-06 On Retreat with the Hindrances - with Sebene Selassie and Jonathan Foust 60:35
Sebene Selassie
2018-10-06 Chant: Buddam, Dhamman, Sangham 11:20
Sebene Selassie
2018-10-07 Vipassana or Insight Meditation and Instruction: A Path of Practice from Retreat 31:15
Tara Brach
Vipassana, also known as insight meditation, is training in bringing a clear mindful attention to our moment to moment experience. We begin by relaxing through the body and then resting attention with the breath – or some other sensory anchor – and allowing the mind to settle. Then we open to whatever is predominant or calling our attention – sensations, emotions, sounds – meeting each arising experience with a clear, kind attention. The gift of this process is discovering balance in the midst of the changing flow, and gaining deep insight into the nature of reality.
2018-10-07 Worrier Pose – Finding Freedom from the Body of Fear 59:35
Tara Brach
While fear is a natural part of our make up, many of us suffering when the “on” button gets jammed. This talk looks at how our fears generate habitual patterns of physical tension, anxious thinking, emotions and behaviors; and how this constellation prevents us from inhabiting our full wisdom and love. We then explore two interrelated pathways of healing—unconditional presence, and resourcing, or cultivating access to safety and belonging (from the 2018 IMCW Fall Retreat).
2018-10-10 The Stars in Our Scars: Opening to Mystery on the Path 58:48
Sebene Selassie
The Buddhdharma invites us not to believe anything but to come see for ourselves: the practice transforms our lives and through practice we come to understand the power of this path firsthand. But knowing that the practice works is not the same as knowing how it works. This talk explores the truth of mystery in our practice and in our lives. It invites us to open to the mysteries of the universe as a portal to a deep faith and wisdom on the path.
2018-10-11 Heart Meditation - Mudita (Joy) 34:35
Sebene Selassie
2018-10-11 Dharma Talk - With Tara & Ruth: Awakening to Racism through the Heart of Compassion 68:24
Ruth King
We each have the capacity for true compassion—including all beings in our heart. This requires facing the ways we create separation, holding our inner life with great kindness, and learning to recognize the vulnerability in others. This talk includes a reflection allowing us to bring these teachings to a situation in our own life where we would like to live from our full potential for love and wisdom.
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