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Retreat Dharma Talks

Friction and Free-ness: How We Meet Ourselves and the World

Each moment invites us to meet life freely, yet we easily find ourselves caught up in tension and drama, creating unhelpful and unnecessary friction with ourselves and others.

This weekend retreat will both explore the friction and point to the inherent freeness at the heart of all experience. We will touch on both inner and outer, personal and social, including the friction in the current social and political climate and how dharma practice can help us to show up freely, even in situations of conflict or divisiveness.

2018-09-15 (2 days) New York Insight Meditation Center

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2018-09-16 Sun-PM-01 guided meditation - presence & experience 29:18
Martin Aylward
2018-09-16 Sun-PM-02 talk - kinds of drama, roles in and towards drama 51:39
Martin Aylward
kinds of drama, roles in and towards drama, relaxation within, seeing the other's drama, seeing that all are right, equanimity
2018-09-16 Sund-PM-03 q&a 28:35
Martin Aylward
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