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Retreat Dharma Talks

FIMC Monday Night Talks

2013-07-01 (3895 days) Flagstaff Insight Meditation Community

2021-08-03 The Wisdom and Complexity of Gratitude 26:35
Brian Lesage
2021-08-10 To Love and Say Goodbye: A Poetic Approach to the Teaching on Gratification, Drawback, and Escape 30:42
Brian Lesage
2021-08-24 Perception Changes and a Doorway Opens for the Heart 27:31
Brian Lesage
2021-09-07 A Deeper Labor of Love 24:06
Brian Lesage
2021-10-11 Climate Change & The Dharma 62:10
Brian Lesage, Molly McCormick
The first 30 minutes is a talk given by Molly McCormick and the second 30 minutes is a guided meditation accompanying Molly's talk given by Brian Lesage
2021-11-23 Navigating the Holiday Season 25:33
Brian Lesage
This talks offers a brief reflection on navigating the holiday season by discovering the doorway of Pausing.
2021-12-06 Dharma Practice & Writing with the author Ruth Ozeki 1:14:10
Brian Lesage
This presentation is from guest teacher Ruth Ozeki in which she shares about her new book "The Book of Form and Emptiness" and about the intersection of Dharma Practice and Writing
2021-12-13 Opening the Heart with Humility 31:48
Brian Lesage
2021-12-21 Winter Solstice: Beginning Again with Meditation 64:23
Brian Lesage
This talk offers reflections on honoring the Winter Solstice through beginning our path again with preliminary instructions on Insight meditation. The talk is followed by a 30 minute guided meditation.
2021-12-28 The Skill of Noticing What Else is Here 33:38
Brian Lesage
This talk explores learning the skill of using the question: What else is here supporting me? The talk is in honor of Etty Hillesum.
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