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Retreat Dharma Talks

Origins and Applications of Mindfulness - MBCT MBSR Foundations

These talks and instructions focus on the origins of mindfulness and the place of those origins in MBCT/MBSR programmes. They do not teach clinical skills but are an opportunity for a direct, experiential exploration of mindfulness in Insight Meditation.

2019-02-01 (4 days) Gaia House

2019-02-02 Morning Instructions 54:24
Jaya Rudgard
This recording also includes Walking Meditation Instructions by Chris Cullen.
2019-02-02 Guidance On Working with the Hindrances 27:41
Chris Cullen
2019-02-02 Cultivating Mindfulness of Body 52:51
Chris Cullen
2019-02-03 Cultivating Mindfulness of Vedana 34:55
Chris Cullen
2019-02-03 Instructions - The Four Elements 36:28
Jaya Rudgard
2019-02-03 Cultivating Kindness 47:37
Jaya Rudgard
2019-02-04 Cultivating Mindfulness of Mental States 30:41
Chris Cullen
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