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Retreat Dharma Talks

February 2020

2020-02-01 (29 days) Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

2020-02-04 Motivation and Mainstream 41:40
Winnie Nazarko
Motivations powers dharma practice. Its depth and purity determine what other mental factors and paramis are brought forward in meditation. This talk contrasts what "mainstream" motivations provide, contrasted with a deeper drive to understand.
2020-02-07 Equanimity. 49:12
Caroline Jones
2020-02-11 Cultivation 52:16
Winnie Nazarko
The idea of cultivation (Bhavana) is the key to Buddhism. This talk relates this concept to the development of the four foundations of mindfulness, especially the first.
2020-02-14 Developing a wise relationship with thoughts 42:26
Caroline Jones
2020-02-18 Motivation, Disillusionment, and Release 45:03
Winnie Nazarko
The motivation for practice changes as our initial ideas about what we "get" out of it, meet frustration. As delusion is exposed and let go of, real practice begins.
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