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Retreat Dharma Talks

A Response to Coronavirus

2020-03-14 (18 days) SanghaSeva

2020-03-14 Coronavirus and the support of the Dharma - Part 1 31:38
Zohar Lavie
We are living through an unusual period. As coronavirus spreads, much of what we take for granted is being shaken. There is uncertainty and fear around us, and also within us. How can Dharma teachings and practices support us? How can we deepen understanding and compassion in the midst of it all? This talk offers reflections on possibilities that are available to us, including practices that we can engage with, lean into, and cultivate.
2020-03-14 Coronavirus and the support of the Dharma - Part 2 30:05
Zohar Lavie
A guided meditation to nourish and support us through humanity’s journey through the coronavirus pandemic.
2020-03-16 Well-being in the time of Coronavirus - COVID-19 35:24
Nathan Glyde
A guided meditation offering mettā (well-wishing) towards those working the frontlines of health care and social care, those whose bodies are affected by the virus or disease themselves, and those taking precautions (like being in isolation). Opening our hearts and minds to all those affected, and beyond to all beings everywhere, can help reduce our stress and allow us to be more available to support. Includes a brief introduction: skip first 3 mins to get to the beginning of guided meditation. May all beings be cared for and well in heart-mind and body.
2020-03-19 Dharma as a Refuge in the time of Coronavirus 39:20
Zohar Lavie
How can teachings and our practice be a refuge and a response when we meet the reality of a global pandemic? This talk reflects on the wisdom of ancient traditions, and how it has had relevant applications through time, right up to this present moment.
2020-03-19 A Powerful Lens to Meet a Pandemic 39:40
Nathan Glyde
There is always a way of looking or way of relating to life operating when we are perceiving. When we understand that we can adjust this, we find a profound level of freedom. What is the most freeing lens to bring to how we look at this pandemic? And what does that mean (as a transferable skill) when we bring freeing ways of looking to the totality of our experience?
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