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Retreat Dharma Talks

Forest Refuge April Retreat Online

For the month of April, Caroline Jones and Oren Jay Sofer will be offering Dhamma teachings online as part of their previously scheduled Forest Refuge Retreat.

2020-04-02 (29 days) Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

2020-04-16 Working with disturbance: reflections and guided meditation. 43:42
Caroline Jones
2020-04-17 A healing time: practicing with difficult emotions. 54:27
Caroline Jones
There are 3.3 minutes of silence in the beginning.
2020-04-20 Guided Meditation: Steadying through Resolution 29:38
Oren Jay Sofer
Resolve or determination is a steady firmness that is both flexible and strong. This meditation explores how to bring this quality into our meditation.
2020-04-21 A Strong and Flexible Mind (part 2): Resolve 48:36
Oren Jay Sofer
The quality of resolve—strong determination, committment—is guided by wisdom and supported by patience to transform the heart and carry the mind to release.
2020-04-22 Question & Answer 39:36
Oren Jay Sofer
Open Q&A covering topics such as: calming the body after an angry outburst and repairing the relational connection; meditating on the 'sound of silence'; using multiple anchors; working with the mind jumping from one thing to another.
2020-04-23 Reflections on practice and guided big mind meditation 43:26
Caroline Jones
2020-04-24 Cultivating the perception and understanding of impermanence 50:21
Caroline Jones
2020-04-27 Living from Moment to Moment: Reflection & Guided Meditation 31:45
Oren Jay Sofer
A short reflection with instructions on samatha and vipassana practice (calming and insight), followed by a guided meditation.
2020-04-28 Devotion: The Heart of Practice 49:24
Oren Jay Sofer
Without a full heart the practice becomes rote, dry, and uninspired. Without the sacred, we lose our way in the world and misplace our heart's faith in things like money, success, and pleasure. The path invites us to tap into a deeper aspect of the heart/mind and live with a quality of reverence.
2020-04-29 Question & Answer 37:55
Oren Jay Sofer
Open Q&A session, includes such topics as: handling restless thoughts; working with persistent worry; relating wisely to creative thoughts; opening the pain and suffering in the world.
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