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Retreat Dharma Talks

Metta and Emptiness - Online

An online version our Emptiness and Metta retreat. Teachings and practices in Hebrew (by Zohar) and English (by Nathan).

2020-04-10 (6 days) SanghaSeva

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2020-04-14 Hebrew - Day 4 Instructions - Anatta 60:17
Zohar Lavie
In Hebrew
2020-04-14 Metta to All Phenomena 42:05
Nathan Glyde
Spreading the atmosphere of metta to 'all of the all'.
2020-04-14 All Phenomena are Empty. Fill them with Metta. 38:44
Nathan Glyde
All phenomena are fabricated by perception: all things are empty of inherently existing separate from the atmosphere of attention. We explore what happens to phenomena and the sense of self when perception is soaked in kindness and care. Supported by the suttas: Two Sorts of Thinking (MN19), and the Karaniya Metta Sutta (SN1.8).
2020-04-15 Day 5 Instructions - Just a Perception 56:20
Nathan Glyde
A review of all the ways of looking and relating to phenomena, culminating in seeing them as empty phenomena.
2020-04-15 Hebrew - Mettā and Emptiness in the World 28:05
Zohar Lavie
The last Hebrew talk of this retreat, talking about how to sustain our practice of metta and skilful ways of relating, and the possibilities of fostering more insights as we approach re-engagment with the world.
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