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Retreat Dharma Talks

Living Awareness through Insight Meditation - Online

Join us for this 7-night retreat of exploring awareness through the vehicle of the body and in the spirit of a heart of friendliness, compassion, and nonreactive balance.

In this silent retreat, we will practice sitting and walking meditation. Instructions will be offered daily including a Dharma talk every evening, and there will be individual and group practice meetings with the retreat teachers. There will also be optional times for guided mindful yoga practice. This retreat is suitable for both beginning and experienced practitioners.

2020-04-11 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2020-04-12 Five Faculties (Online Retreat at Spirit Rock) 38:08
Mary Grace Orr
2020-04-13 Embodiment and Nervous System Resiliency (Online Retreat at Spirit Rock) 42:43
Heather Sundberg
This Talk shares Heather's favorite teachings and practices of the First Foundation of Mindfulness of the Body and Mindfulness of the Nervous System. Heather offers a variety of simple short direct body/nervous system practices to support you during COVID-19 times and for everyday resiliency building. I hope it is helpful for you.
2020-04-14 Shining Clarity on the Environment of Mind (Online Retreat at Spirit Rock) 46:17
John Travis
In John's classic style, the Talk begins with a funny story and a moving poem, followed by John's reflections and stories from around the world about the theme of working with Wanting and Aversion in the mind. The Talk concludes with thoughts about Views and Opinions, the Sense of Self and Awareness.
2020-04-15 Beauty and Care (Onine Retreat at Spirit Rock) 40:05
Gil Fronsdal
The Buddha’s teachings on Beauty (Kalyana) and Care (Anukampa)
2020-04-17 The Wholeness of Being (Online Retreat at Spirit Rock) 35:07
Mary Grace Orr
An exploration of anatta and the interconnectedness of all being.
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