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Retreat Dharma Talks

Living Fearlessly With Change - Closing Retreat

The last retreat of our 10 month program

2020-05-05 (5 days) Gaia House

2020-05-05 Unification of Spread Awareness and Metta 45:08
Nathan Glyde
Bringing the heart and mind into the body, holding the body in heart and mind. Then keeping the awareness spread including beings we feel grateful for, and those who are struggling right now. Wishing them and all beings well.
2020-05-06 Instructions Day 1 - Open and Steady 44:13
Zohar Lavie
2020-05-06 Hindrances in Daily Life or Deep Meditation 32:21
Nathan Glyde
Hindrances appear in daily life, on the 'cushion', and right into deep experiences: if there is an appearance there must be a hindrance in someway, pushing and pulling at life. How can we be approariate to what arises? Joyfully breaking the (so called) hindrances into 5, or 3, or just 1, is a way of looking at these fabricated experiences, that helps us approach them with skill, flexibility, and freedom, no matter where they arise.
2020-05-06 Mettā To Oneself and All That Occurs To Oneself 43:42
Nathan Glyde
Spreading mettā through body and mind, and all that appears in body, and to mind, then opening that out to all beings everywhere...
2020-05-07 Opening the Range (Vedana) - Meditation Instructions Day 2 41:58
Nathan Glyde
What we mean or interpret as an instruction to 'Open' can be wide open also: We can open around a phenomena or experience, we can open into that, or we can open to more... One way we can be thorough open explorers is by noticing the vedana that is added onto the experience, and opening around or into that, or opening to more via other vedana attributed phenomena.
2020-05-07 Meditation is Deep Listening 35:22
Zohar Lavie
Listening is a transferable skill from the cushion to all of life. One that supports us to engage skilfully with our life: to ask deep questions, and be sensitive and creative in how we live, how speak, and how we listen.
2020-05-07 Guided Compassion with Chanting at the Beginning 43:52
Zohar Lavie
A compassion meditation, starting with 7 minutes of a Guanyin chant (using the lovely words and tune offered by Caroline Jones).
2020-05-08 Instructions Day 3 - Anicca as a Way of Looking 47:20
Zohar Lavie
2020-05-08 All Fabricated Things are Anicca 35:45
Nathan Glyde
How do we fabricate our experience by habitually seeing in terms of permanence and constancy? What happens in terms of 'dukkha' when we allow our sense of self and phenomena to become more ephemeral? How does our sense of time change, and how does changing that change experience?
2020-05-08 Seeing All Things With Kindness (with Chanting at the Beginning) 43:55
Zohar Lavie
A kindness meditation towards all appearance: seeing how experience is fabricated by seeing all phenomena as deserving of kindness and care. Starts with 7 minutes of a Guanyin chant (using the lovely words and tune offered by Caroline Jones).
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