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Retreat Dharma Talks

Spring Insight: Dharma, Care and Community in Uncertain Times - Online

Beneath the frenzy of this time, something is rumbling deep in our minds. It is as if the tectonic plates are moving inside us, but we don’t know exactly where everything will land. There are opportunities and grief. Change and loss are always somehow startling and it takes time and tenderness for the heart to catch up.

From one perspective, spiritual practice right now might appear to be a luxury. Yet, in the middle of the intensity of this historical moment, caring for our hearts is an urgency. Fear, stress, and uncertainty make our minds very suggestible and can lead us down the rabbit hole of anxiety and agitation. But this moment also acts like a magnet, pulling our goodness to the surface. This retreat is an opportunity to cultivate a sense of refuge. The felt experience of refuge gives us the strength such that our heart can remain open amidst uncertainty.

Practicing within our own homes offers an unusual opportunity. Our home creates a sense of comfort – but is often the site of unconsciousness: our habit energies are often strongest there. At-Home retreat can be transformative in ways we do not experience in residential retreats. It allows us to deeply integrate this spiritual path into our living space, creating the visual and temporal reminders of path and practice in our own home.

We will, of course, be doing this together. In a time of isolation, finding community can be especially meaningful. Our retreat will provide a structured immersion in meditation practice, guided instructions and dharma talks while allowing the flexibility to practice in a rhythm that accommodates your life.

2020-05-11 (9 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2020-05-12 Dialectics of Practice - Opening and Protection (Online Retreat at Spirit Rock) 42:41
Matthew Brensilver
2020-05-13 Unfurling the Leaves of Our Spiritual Life (Online Retreat at Spirit Rock) 45:55
Brian Lesage
This talk offer reflections on the skill of opening to the wholesome and onward-leading aspects of our lives.
2020-05-14 Vulnerability, Porousness, Equanimity & Love (Online Retreat at Spirit Rock) 43:22
Matthew Brensilver
2020-05-17 Your Face: The Gaze, Self-view, Intimacy and Letting Go (Online Retreat at Spirit Rock) 46:11
Matthew Brensilver
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