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Retreat Dharma Talks

Monastic Retreat


2007-04-25 (9 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

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2007-04-25 From Difficulties To Freedom 1:19:55
Ajahn Amaro
Ajahn Amaro examines the mind that finds fault with things and he outlines the practice that leads to freedom
2007-04-26 AM Reflections 44:16
Ajahn Amaro
Reflections on the triple gem
2007-04-27 AM Reflections 1:12:43
Ajahn Amaro
Again reflections on the Triple Gem and an explanation of the morning chanting
2007-04-27 Simplicity And Purity 50:25
Ajahn Punnadhammo
This talk is about a place in practice that is easeful, simple and leads to purification – being present with objects of consciousness and not being fooled or pulled in by them
2007-04-28 Catching Suffering Before It Happens 62:19
Ajahn Amaro
How the perception process happens and how conflict rises. Ajahn walks us through the Honey Ball Sutta and the teaching on Dependent Origination
2007-04-29 AM Morning Reflections - Residing In The Present 49:58
Ajahn Punnadhammo
In these morning reflections Ajahn points us to the present moment through guided meditation
2007-04-30 AM Morning Reflections - The Changing Nature Of Things 50:31
Ajahn Amaro
Reflections on how the practice fosters insight. Ajahn makes the distinction between the tools of practice and the actual experience of insight
2007-04-30 Small Tools With Big Results 50:09
Ajahn Punnadhammo
Ajahn explains Summata and Anata - the emptiness of all phenomena and the emptiness of being. He explains how each of the five aggregates is not self, that nothing exists without cause and condition
2007-04-30 AM Morning Reflections 44:27
Ajahn Amaro
Changing Nature of things
2007-05-01 Dana: the Buddha's Teaching on Generosity 57:58
Gloria Taraniya Ambrosia
This talk outlines the different kinds of giving and reflects upon the Buddha's teaching on generosity.
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