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Retreat Dharma Talks

Online Dharma Hall - Dec 2020

2020-12-01 (26 days) Gaia House

2020-12-05 Cultivating Calm and Alive Awareness 1:14:07
Nathan Glyde
A guided meditation and talk exploring a way of practice developed from and inspired by Rob Burbea's Counting Within the Breath (see Practicing the Jhanas retreat) to steady the mind & heart, develop a whole body sensitivity, brighten awareness, and overcome the common hindrances to feeling free.
2020-12-10 Embodying Intention 59:53
Zohar Lavie
Guided meditation and talk
2020-12-26 Exploring Trustworthy Well-being and Happiness 62:24
Zohar Lavie
Guided meditation and talk
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