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Retreat Dharma Talks

Three Month Retreat Part 2

02PART2 023MO

2002-11-01 (43 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

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2002-11-03 Concentration And Mindfulness 55:28
Marcia Rose
Reigning the mind in from all it's myriad distractions… cultivating the power of concentration in order to see clearly. Pay attention in a non judging, non manipulative, non grasping, non rejecting attention - the magic of mindfulness, taking us out of illusion directly into reality.
2002-11-11 Transformation Of Afflictive Emotions 1:17:04
Marcia Rose
Cultivating a strong and clear mindful attention that meets the experience of the moment allows us to see the afflictive emotions clearly.. To see through them like we see through the colors of a rainbow. This 'seeing' brings with it the possibility of the transformation of afflictive states into wholesome energies.
2002-11-16 Opening Our Heart to Love 56:17
Patricia Genoud-Feldman
Opening the heart and training the mind through the practice of lovingkindness enables one to deeply connect with the truth of life as it unfolds. This brings forths a grateful mind like serenity, calm abiding and peaceful love.
2002-11-18 Mudita: Joy With - Joy For 61:58
Marcia Rose
Mudita - the natural response of the heart - our capacity to see joy in relationship to another's happiness, success, beauty, goodness or well being. Exploring and recognizing the joy that has no 'self' at the center of it… the momentary joy of the pure heart.
2002-11-20 Bvihara - Mudita Practice 44:46
Marcia Rose
Instructions - Mudita Practice. Short reflection with oneself - good, helpful, skillful things we've done. Mudita phrases with - some it's easy to rejoice for/with--------and a benefactor, a friend, a family member, fellow yogi, all yogis on retreat.
2002-11-22 The River Of Change 53:45
Kamala Masters
The direct experience of the truth of change at ever-deepening levels re-aligns our relationship with the world and enables us to let be and let go.
2002-11-24 Generosity - A Powerful Medicine 62:19
Marcia Rose
An inner wealth of generosity is powerful medicine. An antidote to the anguish and confusion that's generated through the training to accumulate and fixate upon and cling to our accumulations, generosity a seamless circle - giving and receiving. It feeds and grows itself.
2002-11-28 The Highest Blessing 49:46
Kamala Masters
This is a reading of the Mahamangala Sutta, the highest blessings, with some commentary on various aspects that relate to our life.
2002-12-01 The Lion's Roar 67:25
Marcia Rose
There is great power and strength in the capacity to connect within our self and to others. Directly, clearly, patiently and fearlessly with a heart/mind that is free of ill-will and rooted in lovingkindness and mindfulness.
2002-12-06 Coming Home To Ourselves 58:30
Kamala Masters
This talk is about some of the beautiful qualities of mind that are cultivated with each moment of mindfulness.
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