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Retreat Dharma Talks

Lingering in Happiness

The buddha’s understanding of dukkha, and its manifestation and causes, led him to craft a path of liberation and awakening. This dharma path can be viewed as a cultivation of ever deepening happiness, contentment, peace and equanimity.
On this retreat we will cultivate the heart and mind in ways that bring release from habits and patterns of dukkha. We will explore how to ease contraction and demand, how to nourish the capacity of seeing beauty and goodness, and how to linger in happiness in all its manifestations.

2021-02-23 (5 days) Tovana Insight Meditation

2021-02-24 Opening to Lingering in Happiness 46:56
Nathan Glyde
Meditation as the cultivation of wellbeing, or attuning to or supporting the coming into being of pleasure. Muditā as a way of relating well with appreciation and joy. And enriching and absorbing into harmony and happiness in samādhi.
2021-02-25 Day 1 - Instructions: Enjoying Listening to Present Experience 59:56
Nathan Glyde
An invitation to find more pleasant and enjoyable ways of breathing, or to discover ways to meet sounds with more space and intimacy.
2021-02-25 הנחיות ותרגול מונחה מודיטה - שמחה מפרגנת 39:32
Zohar Lavie
Mudita guided in Hebrew
2021-02-25 מודיטה; דרך הסתכלות שמגמישה ופותחת את התודעה ומחברת אותנו לאפשרויות ללא גבול 47:12
Zohar Lavie
Mudita talk in Hebrew
2021-02-26 הנחיות ותרגול: שימוש בודאנה להתחבר לנעים ולהענות ללא נעים 60:19
Zohar Lavie
Day 2 - Instructions in Hebrew - Using Vedana To Tune In To The Pleasant And Untangle The Unpleasant
2021-02-26 Muditā Guided Meditation 43:01
Nathan Glyde
2021-02-26 Muditā and Samādhi 46:37
Nathan Glyde
Exploring a central place for joy on the path of release from dukkha
2021-02-27 הנחיות ותרגול סמדהי: הפתחות אל מה שנעים ומיטיב 55:57
Zohar Lavie
Meditation instructions for samadhi in Hebrew
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