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Love as the Breath of Life - an online retreat with Ajahn Sucitto and Willa Thāniyā Reid

In the Buddha’s Dhamma, the four expressions of the loving heart establish the atmosphere for our practice. Combined with the opening and enrichment of the body’s somatic presence, they clear negative patterns such as fear, guilt, self-criticism and resentment. In this retreat, the cultivation of breathing, devotion and wise reflection are offered to further this process.

2021-07-10 (6 days) Cittaviveka

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2021-07-15 Guided Meditation – Graduated Expansion 8:12
Ajahn Sucitto
Guidance to gradually return to awareness through the sense fields. No pushing, just expanding lightly, integrating the inner domain with your external circumstance in whatever you do next.
2021-07-15 Harvesting the field of Dhamma 61:10
Ajahn Sucitto
The way to make use of the closure of retreat is to harvest. Standing at the door of the mind, use the body for support to review the stuff of the mind from a balanced place. The upright axis cools the field of reactivity. Witnessing with disengagement, don’t be deceived by what appears internal and external, it’s all happening in the mind.
2021-07-15 Guided Meditation – Brahmaviharā 20:01
Ajahn Sucitto
Use of images and recollections to deeply experience the qualities of the brahmaviharā. Keep attention wide, body relaxed, attuned to how things are felt – shifting, moving, and affecting the body. And is it possible to turn any feature of these intentions towards yourself?
2021-07-15 Day 6 Q&A 55:20
Ajahn Sucitto, Willa Thaniya Reid
Balance between discipline and self-love; failure as a shadow side of practice; addiction to Dhamma talks/books; skillful way to deal with anger; benefits of regulating breath.
2021-07-15 The place of joy 24:58
Willa Thaniya Reid
A mind that is capable of delight and appreciation is needed for waking up. But how capable are we of that? It’s something to train in, a practice in balance, of finding the middle way. Let the tenderness and appreciation we have for beings be for our own being, our own awakening consciousness. Take in the kindness people show us and come out of the sense of alienation. Let this cultivation bring joy and gladness to the heart.
2021-07-15 Ripening the heart with friendship 29:04
Willa Thaniya Reid
When the heart’s deliverance is not yet ripe, a good friend is recommended. One who keeps me aligned to what’s precious, who’s respectful and shows care and connection. We seek this externally, and also internally, being a good friend to oneself – not harsh, not critical, staying connected with what is loving, kind, upright and generous. We take it as a protection wherever we go.
2021-07-15 Living from Dhamma 19:17
Willa Thaniya Reid
How do we meet the past, the difficulties? How do we maintain hearts of love through dreadful things? If we let ourselves come into contraction then we’re not capable of the love that’s needed in the next moment. So we stay in empathetic connection to things, keeping a sense of forgiveness, understanding and kamma – cause and effect. This is our training, these acts of love.
2021-07-15 Closing Remarks 12:14
Ajahn Sucitto, Willa Thaniya Reid
Parting words and expressions of gratitude from the teachers. “These are opportunities in this human realm to experience letting go, gratitude, compassion, gladness, equanimity.”
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