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Retreat Dharma Talks

"July Lovingkindness Retreat" with Tempel Smith, Bonnie Duran, MPH, DrPH, John Martin, Sally Armstrong, Marcy Reynolds and Kristina Baré, MFT, SEP

Metta is the Pali term for friendship, goodwill or lovingkindness. In this retreat, we will develop metta as a meditation practice, which cultivates our natural capacity for an open and loving heart towards ourselves and all other beings. We will also develop the practices of compassion, joy, and equanimity. Metta practice leads to greater acceptance of ourselves and others, revealing our fundamental connectedness to all life.

2021-07-06 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2021-07-10 Metta Samadhi in Daily Life 65:49
Tempel Smith
The developed momentum of loving-kindness can become a stable flow of both happy contentedness and stability of attention. This is the unification and immersion (samadhi) cultivated through dedicated metta practice. Like a river unblocked by fallen trees and debris, the flow of the heart can reopen into a smoothly pouring stream called loving-kindness concentration or metta samadhi.
2021-07-11 Loving-kindness for Difficult Relationships 46:36
Tempel Smith
Our hearts' defenses might be most reinforced where there has been emotional pain. Using the previous practice of loving-kindness for easier relationships we can visit the places in our own hearts where we hold fear, hatred, resentment, and judgment. Relaxing these hard and painful places within us, by small, steady degrees, frees us from squandering our inner resources. Healing these places of pain can transform our understanding of how we can be in the world with a more open heart.
2021-07-11 Mudita practice 46:19
Sally Armstrong
The practice of Mudita or Appreciative Joy cultivates an open and joyful heart that naturally inclines towards connecting with what is uplifting and beautiful in others and in our own lives. It works to counteract the subtle or not-so-subtle tendency towards envy, which tells us that we are deficient in some way.
2021-07-11 Metta and Equanimity: A Balanced, Spacious and Responsive Heart 56:02
John Martin
2021-07-12 Metta for All Beings: Instructions & Guided Meditation 49:18
John Martin
2021-07-12 Tuning the Heart with Gratitude 54:53
Tempel Smith
Close to the four Brahma viharas lives the heart warm with gratitude. Blending intentional gratitude into our dharma paths and to the practices which open the heart, counting our blessing of a human body, simple resources around us, and gratitude for our planet helps dispel any sense of scarcity and an over-focus on what we feel is lacking. Feeling gratitude allows us to discern if and what is truly lacking, and to be free at times to be bathed in countless miracles.
2021-07-12 Dana, Sila, Bhavana- Dharma practice is 24/7 58:37
Bonnie Duran
A brief description of Breath stroking and calming our heart with love…..and then a description of Ven. U Panditta’s teachings on Dana/Generosity, Sila/Ethical Conduct, and Bhavana/Mental Cultivation. Awakening is available in this very life!!
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