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Retreat Dharma Talks

The Refuge of Awareness

The feeling tone of Dukkha (suffering) brings with it the idea: ‘I am not okay,' and this causes us to react in all sorts of ways. Yet it is only a partial perspective we take to be valid. In the immediacy of awareness a more spacious view is available; one that can bring compassion for the suffering of this very perspective, rather than perpetuation of it. Awareness is intimate but not personal, seeing the struggling derived from identifying, judging and reacting, yet not flowing down those familiar grooves.. In any moment we are aware, we weaken rather than strengthen such habit patterns. When suffering is not 'who I am' or wrong, we no longer need to be the one to fix it or reject it. Then a closer receptivity towards this feeling tone of suffering is possible, inviting us to discover the transformative power of awareness itself, and take refuge in it.

2021-07-16 (3 days) Gaia House

2021-07-17 Guided Meditation 26:52
Gavin Milne
Bringing Awarenss to Our Experience
2021-07-17 Body Exercises, Teachings, Guided Meditation 57:26
Laura Bridgman
This recording also includes Gavin Milne. Laura Bridgman - body exercises, and teachings on bringing in an attitude of kindness to practice. Gavin Milne - guided meditation, with the intention of kindness.
2021-07-17 Bringing Awareness to Felt Sense of Experience, and of Posture 49:02
Gavin Milne
This recording also includes Laura Bridgman. Gavin Milne - teachings on bringing the awareness to the felt sense of experience. Laura Bridgman - bringing awareness to the felt sense of our posture.
2021-07-17 Dharma Talk - The Challenges to Experiencing Refuge in Awareness 66:30
Gavin Milne
The recording also includes Laura Bridgman
2021-07-18 Teachings and Guided Meditation 43:43
Gavin Milne
This recording also includes Laura Bridgman. Opening to feeling tone.
2021-07-18 Closing Comments 17:08
Gavin Milne
This recording also includes Laura Bridgman. Transitions, and supports for further practice.
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