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Retreat Dharma Talks

Jake Dartington - Embodying Compassion

On Sunday September 26th 2021 we welcomed Jake Dartington to teach a retreat day online, on the theme of “Embodying Compassion“.

Jake taught on how compassion allows us to meet life’s challenges with an open heart. He also explored classical and contemporary approaches to cultivating compassion, and how to respond to difficulties that appear to obscure this beautiful quality.

The day included talks, guided practices, as well as sitting and walking meditations.

2021-09-26 (1 day) London Insight Meditation

2021-09-26 1 - Short settling in practice 4:16
Jake Dartington
2021-09-26 2 - Talk on Embodying Compassion 23:47
Jake Dartington
2021-09-26 3 - Guided Body Scan Practice 31:11
Jake Dartington
2021-09-26 4 - Intro to Walking Meditation 4:32
Jake Dartington
2021-09-26 5 - Talk on Compassion for Ourselves 20:37
Jake Dartington
2021-09-26 6 - Guided Self-Compassion Practice 32:31
Jake Dartington
2021-09-26 7 - Guided Compassion Practice 27:18
Jake Dartington
2021-09-26 8 - Reflections on Compassion (drawing on traditional and contemporary sources) 44:39
Jake Dartington
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