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Retreat Dharma Talks

2021 IMCW Fall Retreat: Intimacy with Life

Vipassana, or Buddhist meditation, is a way of opening to life and seeing clearly the totality of one’s being and experience. The practice is based on cultivating a present-centered mindfulness, leading to an unfolding of our natural wisdom and compassion.

The focus of this retreat is to enhance intimacy with ourselves and the world. In order to help participants discover a sense of stillness and deep listening, silence will be maintained throughout the retreat except during question/answer periods and practice group meetings with the teachers. In addition to sitting and walking meditation practice, there will be sessions of integrating embodied mindfulness led each day.

2021-10-29 (8 days) Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2021-11-03 After the RAIN: The Flowering of Awake Awareness – Part 2 58:03
Tara Brach
The blessing of the spiritual path is a homecoming to our essential nature—wakeful, loving awareness. These two talks explore the grounds of that awakening, which is a shift of identity from that of a separate self to realizing the formless luminous presence that, like a boundless ocean, includes all the waves or expressions of our being. This two-part series includes several guided reflections and invites us into the dimensions of the path that lead to true freedom.
2021-11-03 Meditation: The Return to Presence – Rest Your Mind in What Is (21:17 min.) 21:17
Tara Brach
It’s natural that our attention wanders, and the more we relax back, the more that becomes our habit…returning to presence. This meditation opens with conscious breathing and awakening through the body. We then rest in open awareness, and when the attention drifts, guide ourselves to rest our minds, over and over, in the aliveness and presence that is right here.
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