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Retreat Dharma Talks

Present, steady and awake – Practicing in the midst of life

Zohar Lavie taught this retreat day for London Insight Meditation on Sunday 27th June 2021, entitled "Present, steady and awake – Practicing in the midst of life".

2021-06-27 (1 day) London Insight Meditation

2021-06-27 1 - Welcome, meditation, and walking practice introduction 65:27
Zohar Lavie
2021-06-27 2 - Guided meditation practice 44:23
Zohar Lavie
2021-06-27 3 - Attune to the breath - guided meditation 47:01
Zohar Lavie
2021-06-27 4 - Dharma talk – Doing and not doing 47:38
Zohar Lavie
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