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Retreat Dharma Talks

Monastic Retreat


2004-04-16 (10 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2004-04-17 Guided Mediation Body And Breath 37:06
Ajahn Amaro
Tuning into the body and basics of breath meditation. (Estimated date of talk. Exact date unknown)
2004-04-18 Remembering The Purpose Of Practice 67:28
Ajahn Amaro
Why we practice meditation; path of Buddhist practice and ending of suffering. (Estimated date of talk. Exact date unknown)
2004-04-19 Reflections On The Establishments Of Mindfulness 56:16
Gloria Taraniya Ambrosia
2004-04-19 Guided Meditation: Loosening The Grip 37:18
Ajahn Amaro
Letting go of clinging; using broad awareness. (Estimated date of talk. Exact date unknown)
2004-04-20 Breaking The Cycle Of Becoming 66:57
Ajahn Amaro
Brief overview of dependent origination with emphasis on the process of becoming; breaking the cycle at the link of vedana (feeling). (Estimated date of talk. Exact date unknown)
2004-04-21 Guided Meditation: Letting Go Of Conventions 39:30
Ajahn Amaro
Letting go of conventions in meditation when no longer needed. Abandoning the raft when reaching the other shore. (Estimated date of talk. Exact date unknown)
2004-04-22 Freedom Through Form: Reflections On The Monastic Life 63:13
Gloria Taraniya Ambrosia
Reflections upon (1) the importance of having a common value base and actively living by those values. (2) the great support that living in community offers, and (3) the importance of making an emotional connection with the teachings through devotional practices.
2004-04-22 No Regrets 69:33
Ajahn Amaro
Precepts as practice; spiritual friendship; inner loveliness; practice outside of retreat. (Estimated date of talk. Exact date unknown)
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