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Retreat Dharma Talks

Cultivation – Investigation – Contemplation

This silent meditation course for experienced practitioners will focus on deepening mindfulness and insight into being with oneself and others. Our guiding map will be the teachings on the Four Applications of Mindfulness (Satipaṭṭhāna), which enable us to tap into the wealth of practical wisdom from early Buddhist contemplative traditions. The teachers will offer gentle and precise training in unifying the mind, guiding us in establishing different modes of awareness and in metta (friendliness). These practices allow for quieting and strengthening the heart, and foster transformative insights, growth and integration.

2022-07-11 (8 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2022-07-12 Morning Instructions: Arriving into retreat 50:57
Brian Lesage
2022-07-12 Satipatthana as a map of experience. 58:33
Akincano Marc Weber
Four channels as a metaphor for Satipatthana
2022-07-13 Reflection: four channels and their tasks 53:23
Akincano Marc Weber
Guided Meditation and qualities of breathing
2022-07-13 Introduction to Brahma Viharas and Loving-Kindness 37:36
Brian Lesage
2022-07-14 Guided Metta and Forgiveness 42:24
Akincano Marc Weber
2022-07-15 Citta - the knowing that is healing 59:49
Akincano Marc Weber
On the notion of the Citta - an early Buddhist take on mind – 10 quotes on the nature of the Citta
2022-07-16 Early morning reflection 28:33
Akincano Marc Weber
Embodiment – three dimensions of sitting – insight and outside
2022-07-16 Cittānupassanā practice - practical suggestions on how to engage with and cultivate the Citta 50:54
Akincano Marc Weber, Brian Lesage
Standing meditation - guided; walking instructions
2022-07-16 Sense Restraint: Exploring Implicit Bias 53:48
Brian Lesage
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