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Retreat Dharma Talks

The Courageous Heart

Practice invites us to inquire into what may be possible for this human heart. This potentially transforming and liberating exploration requires, among other qualities, kindness, compassion, curiosity and courage; a courage that can be seen as a willingness to stretch beyond limiting perceptions of self, other and the world.

At times we need courage to reflect and question, courage to let be or to be engaged, courage to recognise our vulnerability and our strength, courage to step in or to step back, courage to give and to receive.

How can we acknowledge, nourish and support the courageous heart in its many different expressions and thus honour and celebrate what we hold dear and feel passionate about?

2021-12-17 (35 days) Gaia House

2021-12-18 Guided Meditation 41:36
Kirsten Kratz
Arriving in the body, kindly and courageously.
2021-12-18 Dharma Talk - Exploring Courage - Attending to Fear 50:21
Kirsten Kratz
2021-12-19 Teachings, leading into Silent Meditation 31:39
Laura Bridgman
Finding the Centre - Steadying in the Midst of Fear
2021-12-19 Dharma Talk - This Is The Way It Is 42:57
Laura Bridgman
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