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Retreat Dharma Talks

Calm and Contented Heart – a Path of Cultivating Samadhi

Samadhi, the meditative calm, or collectedness of mind is a valuable skill that can be cultivated in meditation practice. Samadhi allows us to experience joy, happiness and calm that are not conditioned by outside sources but born out of meditation. These qualities nourish deeply the heart and mind and are important resources in life. Samadhi practice also supports insight in many ways, and when followed wholeheartedly with commitment, can lead to jhanas (states of meditative absorption).

During this online retreat we explore meditation practices that develop and encourage samadhi, and attitudes and ways of working in meditation that support the deepening of samadhi. Traditionally samadhi and jhanas have been practiced through diligent concentration. During this weekend we are following and honoring Rob Burbea's beautiful approach to samadhi practice, which emphasizes sensitivity, responsiveness and turning toward wellbeing so that the whole path of cultivating samadhi can be nourishing, and teach us lots of meditative skills. We will learn a method that can be followed all the way to developing jhanas.

We will also explore how the practice of samadhi can support wisdom, and teach experientially about emptiness and dependent origination, which is very much in the core of the Buddhist practice.

2022-01-22 (2 days) Gaia House

2022-01-22 Opening Session for the Retreat 1:20:29
Sari Markkanen
Introduction into samadhi practice. Guided meditation: Playing with the breath (1)
2022-01-22 Guided Meditation, Teachings. 37:06
Sari Markkanen
Playing with the breath (2) (this one builds on the previous practice)
2022-01-22 Teaching Session 1:10:32
Sari Markkanen
Working with the hindrances in samadhi practice.
2022-01-23 Teaching Session & Guided Meditation 1:24:32
Sari Markkanen
Pointers and signposts of deepening, and a few words about metta practice for cultivating samadhi. Guided meditation: Playing with metta (1)
2022-01-23 Guided Meditation 31:58
Sari Markkanen
Playing with metta (2) and proceeding into one's base practice (builds on previous meditations from this retreat)
2022-01-23 Teaching Session with Guided Practice, and Closing Session. 1:34:27
Sari Markkanen
Exploring the map of the jhanas, their beauty and benefit, and how samadhi practice connects with insight and the understanding of emptiness and dependent origination. This includes a guided practice that builds on the guided practices during the retreat. Closing of the retreat.
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