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Retreat Dharma Talks

Lingering in Happiness

The Buddha’s freedom teachings depend on an understanding of the experience and causes of dukkha (suffering/distress). Our dharma practice, which can be viewed as a movement away from distress, could also be seen as a cultivation of ever deepening happiness, peace, and well-being. For when dukkha lifts, even a little bit, an expansive enjoyable freedom is revealed.

On this retreat we attune to all the contentment available right now, to see how that frees our hearts and minds. We explore how to ease the contracted demands that spin the web of dukkha; how to nourish our sensitive seeing of beauty and goodness; and how to refine attentive appreciation and ennobling connections, so we may linger in happiness as we walk this path.

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2022-01-28 (7 days) Gaia House

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2022-02-02 Dharma Talk - Lingering in Happiness Beyond Retreat Conditions 43:48
Zohar Lavie
2022-02-03 Dharma Talk - Transitioning and Sustaining Welll-being 35:30
Nathan Glyde
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