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Retreat Dharma Talks

The Boundless Heart of Metta

Metta (goodwill or loving-kindness) is a powerful and transformative practice that connects us with our potential to awaken to ever deepening levels of love and wisdom. Metta is both radical and practical: it spans both the personal and the relational aspects of our experience and supports us to bring the Dharma into all areas of life. On this retreat we explore our capacity to welcome each moment with a kind and spacious attention, to nourish a sense of wellbeing and joy, and to deepen our understanding of ourselves and all beings.

2022-03-03 (5 days) Gaia House

2022-03-04 Meditation Instructions 63:00
Zohar Lavie
Metta to easy person, and to self.
2022-03-04 Mindful Movement and Guided Metta Meditation 46:53
Jake Dartington
Metta to easy person, self and to all.
2022-03-04 Dharma Talk - Metta and R.A.I.N 39:11
Jake Dartington
2022-03-05 Meditation Instructions 60:01
Jake Dartington
Metta to the neutral person, and the benefits of Metta practice.
2022-03-05 Guided Metta Meditation 28:06
Zohar Lavie
Metta to self, neutral person, and all.
2022-03-05 Dharma Talk 53:49
Zohar Lavie
Boundless Metta
2022-03-06 Meditation Instructions 60:30
Zohar Lavie
Metta to the challenging person.
2022-03-06 Guided Meditation 40:48
Zohar Lavie
Metta to sensations.
2022-03-06 Dharma Talk - Active Hope and Joy 52:14
Jake Dartington
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