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Retreat Dharma Talks

Settling with What Is

All too often in our daily lives we are gripped by a stressful momentum – feeling a sense of lack and incompleteness, we strain towards some imagined future circumstance which we hope will provide relief from the stress we feel. However, the essence of practice is to see and know, as purely as we can, our direct experience in the moment, finding resolution right within what IS, rather than trying to push past our current circumstances. On this online retreat we emphasise a settling into being present with what IS, so that the deeper layers of being become apparent, and the need to strive for something “other” is allayed.

This online retreat is suitable for all levels of experience.

2022-03-17 (36 days) Gaia House

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2022-03-17 Welcome, Lightly Guided Meditation, Introductory Teachings 1:14:11
Alan Lewis
This recording also includes Laura Bridgman.
2022-03-18 Early Morning Guided Meditation 41:36
Alan Lewis
Settling with Bodily Experience
2022-03-18 Morning Pt 1 – Guided Meditation 26:55
Laura Bridgman
Opening to and allowing experience, noticing how thinking feels.
2022-03-18 Morning Pt 2 - Working with the Churning Mind 43:22
Alan Lewis
This recording also includes Laura Bridgman
2022-03-18 Afternoon Pt 2 - Guided Meditation and Teachings 25:04
Alan Lewis
Noticing the flow and change of experience.
2022-03-18 Afternoon Pt 3 - Reflections on Awareness and Feeling 29:17
Laura Bridgman
This recording also includes Alan Lewis.
2022-03-18 Evening - Posture, Energy, Sleepiness, Silent Sit. 32:25
Alan Lewis
2022-03-19 Early Morning - Guided Meditation 42:41
Alan Lewis
Using breath as an anchoring point.
2022-03-19 Morning Pt 1 – Reflections - Meeting the Inner Activities of Self 25:22
Laura Bridgman
Lightly guided meditation. Teachings on and how inner activity can lose its grip on us, changing our perceptions and leading to less suffering.
2022-03-19 Morning Pt 2 – Being Worthy of Love 32:16
Alan Lewis
Teachings - meeting our experience with honesty and inquiry, letting our experience be painful. This recording also includes a short teaching on 'walking with awareness' (walking meditation) led by Laura Bridgman.
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