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Retreat Dharma Talks

A Seon Questioning and Listening Retreat

During this retreat we cultivate questioning to grow in calmness and clarity, and listening to develop receptivity and wise compassion . We also explore the process of grasping and its amplifying/exaggerating effects and how meditation can help us to let go and release our holding, thus allowing for creative engagement and a creative response. There is sitting and walking as practiced in the Seon tradition in Korea, and there are talks and discussions daily.

2022-03-26 (6 days) Gaia House

2022-03-27 Dharma Talk 55:32
Martine Batchelor
Great Faith, Great Courage, Great Questioning
2022-03-28 Morning Instructions 22:06
Martine Batchelor
What is This ?
2022-03-30 Morning Pt 2 - Lightly Guided Meditation. Teachings - Practicing with Two Questions. 29:53
Laura Bridgman
2022-03-30 Dharma Talk 47:31
Martine Batchelor
The Ten Ox Herding Pictures
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