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Retreat Dharma Talks

Monastic Retreat

Ajahn Amaro and Abhayagiri Sangha (dana retreat)

2000-10-27 (9 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2000-10-28 Heavenly Messenger 1:12:12
Ajahn Amaro
2000-10-29 Dukkha - The First Sign-post to Freedom 54:40
Ayya Jitindriya
2000-10-30 Dependent Origination 1:13:15
Ajahn Amaro
2000-11-01 Working with Pain 69:39
Ajahn Amaro
2000-11-02 Awareness of Death and Letting-go 58:53
Ayya Jitindriya
2000-11-02 The Origin of Suffering 1:16:55
Ajahn Siripanna
2000-11-03 Impermanence as Uncertainty 1:20:00
Ajahn Amaro
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