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Retreat Dharma Talks

Persuing the Pleasure That Will Set You Free

We all seek pleasure. This is not just something unavoidable, but natural. As human beings, we are “designed” to look for pleasure. But is also a human experience that the pursuit of many pleasures leads us into suffering. The solution to this riddle is not to avoid pleasure, but to develop the discernment to know which pleasures are wholesome and which are not, and the capacity to disengage from the unwholesome ones. We can pursue a kind of pleasure that feels replenishing; a more fundamental happiness we can rest into.

2022-08-05 (6 days) Gaia House

2022-08-05 Introductory Talk and the Precepts. 14:00
Laura Bridgman
This recording also includes Ayya Anopama
2022-08-05 Guided Meditation 22:26
Ayya Anopama
Setting Down the Paddle
2022-08-06 Silent Sit and Teachings 40:32
Laura Bridgman
Respecting What is Arising
2022-08-07 Dharma Talk 56:39
Laura Bridgman
The Hindrances
2022-08-08 Practice Guidance 30:52
Laura Bridgman
2022-08-08 Dharma Talk 47:02
Ayya Anopama
2022-08-09 Practice Guidance 44:48
Ayya Anopama
Absence of the Hindrances
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