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Retreat Dharma Talks

Mindfulness and Liberation – Foundations of Mindfulness-Based Approaches

This retreat is specifically designed for professionals involved in mindfulness-based modalities. Educators, clinicians and researchers engaged in teaching or training in mindfulness-based approaches are welcome to attend.

The course is an invitation to extend and deepen personal experience of insight meditation, which is rooted in the cultivation of mindfulness. In the company of peers and colleagues, retreatants will explore the Four Applications of Mindfulness as taught in the early Buddhist Satipaṭṭhāna Teachings, the foundational teachings of all contemporary mindfulness-based applications. These teachings offer a path to well-being, freedom and compassion, and encourage the integration of contemplative wisdom into the fabric of our daily lives.

2023-01-08 (7 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

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2023-01-09 Morning Instructions 40:44
Christiane Wolf
Breath/anchor meditation
2023-01-09 Mindfulness and its team. Sati in the context of Buddhist psychology. 63:43
Akincano Marc Weber
Mindfulness: history of a concept.
2023-01-10 Channels of Experience -- Types of Affectional Focus 37:17
Akincano Marc Weber
Attention/preference -- seeking avoidance, five qualities of the breath (experiential)
2023-01-10 A Few Words on Walking Meditation 6:35
Christiane Wolf
Walking instructions
2023-01-10 Metta for Friend and Self 43:36
Christiane Wolf
Short talk, then guided meditation.
2023-01-10 Perceptions, Vedanas, and Pain 55:30
Christiane Wolf
First half of the talk is on perception and vedanas; the second half is on physical pain.
2023-01-11 Guided Morning Instructions 55:31
Christiane Wolf
Working with vedanas, sensory tracking, and pain sensations.
2023-01-11 Guided Metta Meditation 42:02
Akincano Marc Weber
Image of beloved, oneself -- people present -- parents and close ones -- friends -- acquaintances -- neutral person -- hostile person
2023-01-12 Morning Reflections & Walking Instructions 54:10
Akincano Marc Weber, Christiane Wolf
Morning Reflections: On Thoughts, Emotions, and Sleepiness; Walking Instructions: How to Practice with Hindrances
2023-01-12 Mindfulness: Sati's friends and many facets 63:31
Akincano Marc Weber
History of the term. Sati - Appamada - Sampajañña, images of sati, psychological functions of sati.
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