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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Retreat Dharma Talks

Living Dharma: Essential Teachings for Our Times

Join us in this silent retreat as we explore and practice together the key teachings of the Buddha.
-- What is mindfulness?
-- The Four Noble Truths: a path to liberation
-- Working with hindrances to our meditation practice
-- The three characteristics of existence
-- At home in the Brahmaviharas – the heart practices of lovingkindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity

These core instructions form the foundation for meditators to build a practice that leads us toward wisdom, compassion, and skillful, embodied living.

The essential teachings of the Buddha help to open the heart, settle the mind, and loosen the inner grasping that leads to suffering. During IMS retreats, we are invited into these life-changing practices.

The teachings have been carried forward by countless beings, generation by generation, for 2600 years, and are revealed within our own unique experiences in this moment.

2023-01-28 (6 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2023-01-29 First morning Instructions and cell phone ceremony 40:18
Devin Berry, Devon Hase
2023-01-31 Mindfulness of thoughts – morning instructions 46:55
Devin Berry
Reflections on thinking and thoughts, thought experiment, guided meditation
2023-01-31 Qi Gong - 18 Movements 44:38
Devon Hase
Warm-up and Shibashi 18-movement session of Qi Gong
2023-01-31 The Four Noble truths 50:28
Devon Hase
Explanation of the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta with chanting, followed by teachings on the four noble truths
2023-02-01 Working with emotions 34:57
Devon Hase
Teaching on wise effort, and a guided meditation on working skillfully with emotions. Edited
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