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Retreat Dharma Talks

Meditation Day: A Deeper Calm than Stillness

This day retreat offers an opportunity to explore how the practice of meditation and mindful awareness can support us in cultivating more calmness and clarity of mind and heart. This can gradually free us from unhelpful and reactive tendencies, and enable us to maintain steadiness and well-being in the midst of the ups and downs of life.

Open to people who are new to meditation or who have some experience and would like to refresh their practice. The day will include meditation instructions, guided and silent practice, a short talk, and time for questions.

2022-08-30 (1 day) Gaia House

2022-08-30 Reflections and Guided Meditation 55:11
Jenny Wilks
Calming the Body and Mind.
2022-08-30 Reflections and Guided Meditation 45:51
Jenny Wilks
Seeing Clearly.
2022-08-30 Reflections and Guided Meditation 55:53
Jenny Wilks
A Deeper Calm, Based on Insight.
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