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Retreat Dharma Talks

1989 Three Month Retreat

1989-09-21 (87 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1989-10-10 Questions and Answers 1 58:23
Joseph Goldstein
1989-10-18 Delusion + Ignorance 54:48
Carol Wilson
understanding the nature of ignorance
1989-10-19 The Five Iddis 54:31
Joseph Goldstein
1989-10-22 Guided Metta Meditation 57:51
Carol Wilson
1989-10-26 Questions and Answers 2 67:01
Joseph Goldstein
1989-10-29 Non-Greed: Dana 54:30
Carol Wilson
surrendering to the paradox of opening simultaneously to immense suffering and immense joy
1989-11-05 Strengthening the Spiritual Powers 58:06
Joseph Goldstein
1989-11-06 Armies Of Mara II: Craving 54:04
Michele McDonald
acknowledging the different levels of darkness and pain we carry inside and feeling compassion for ourselves
1989-11-09 Questions and Answers 3 59:59
Joseph Goldstein
1989-11-11 Compassion 49:51
Joseph Goldstein
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