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Retreat Dharma Talks

Timeless Presence

On this retreat, we will explore the possibility of being grounded in the depth of timeless presence in the midst of daily life. We will inquire how to live a full life from silence and emptiness, and yet being yourself in peace with others, and doing what needs to be done.

2022-05-22 (8 days) Nirodha Insight Meditation in Finland

2022-05-22 Opening talk and meditation 66:28
Leela Sarti
Simplicity, slowing down, silence
2022-05-23 The mind wants to lead - being listens 42:08
Leela Sarti
Exploring how to live and practice from another vantage point than the mind as the forerunner
2022-05-24 The heart of presence 38:24
Leela Sarti
Exploring the nature of the heart and why we have to turn to our grief to be truly human
2022-05-25 Value 47:42
Leela Sarti
From external, objectified value to the implicit value of our beingness
2022-05-27 Dedicating practice to all beings 48:38
Leela Sarti
Basic human needs. How to be human and embody the qualities of awakening?
2022-05-28 Loving kindness practice 27:50
Leela Sarti
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