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Retreat Dharma Talks

Living with Illness and Loss

Facing illness and loss in our lives can be a time to slow down and look deeply into our experience. This retreat provides an opportunity to explore being present with our experience just as it is, without judgement or blame, thus opening to the possibility for transformation that this approach brings. The practice of Insight Meditation will be used as the basis for exploring our relationship to bereavement and illness.

Developing greater mindfulness in times of transition, challenge and confusion, can enable us to find new ways of relating to our daily lives. The retreat includes guided meditation and reflection, reflective exercises and contemplative art/writing.

2022-09-12 (5 days) Gaia House

2022-09-13 Guided Metta Meditation (Easy Person & Self) 41:04
Zohar Lavie
2022-09-13 Dharma Talk - Wise Acceptance 45:32
Nathan Glyde
2022-09-14 Meditation Instructions - Responding to Difficulty 37:08
Nathan Glyde
2022-09-14 Dharma Talk - Community of Compassion & Wellbeing 42:45
Zohar Lavie
2022-09-15 Meditation Instructions - Opening to Wellbeing 51:09
Zohar Lavie
2022-09-15 Guided Meditation - Mudita - Appreciation 41:56
Nathan Glyde
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