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Retreat Dharma Talks

Compassion, Beauty and Imagination

Sometimes we might assume that our imaginations are a hindrance on the path of Dharma practice. But what might become possible for us when we engage our imagination with wisdom, skill and sensitivity?

With our hearts and imaginations at the centre of this weekend retreat, held within a context of silence, we will offer meditations and inquiries that deepen our access to the beautiful qualities of heart, and that can restore and open our senses of sacredness.

This retreat can serve as a stand alone retreat to support your path of practice whichever tradition(s) you are at home in. And it will also support those of you who know the frameworks and practices of Soulmaking Dharma as taught by Rob Burbea.

This retreat is intended for Dharma practitioners who:

• are interested in working with imagination and in a creative cultivation of kindness and compassion.
• can readily access a full body awareness in their meditation practice
• recognize a desire for more of something they might term beauty or sacredness
• have an open mind

2022-10-14 (3 days) Gaia House

2022-10-14 Welcome and Opening Talk 63:33
Catherine McGee, Yahel Avigur
2022-10-15 Whole Body Sensitivity 40:24
Yahel Avigur
2022-10-15 Opening to Imagination with the Body 36:34
Yahel Avigur
2022-10-15 Icon / Image 52:42
Catherine McGee, Yahel Avigur
2022-10-15 Imagination as a Spiritual Faculty 43:11
Catherine McGee
2022-10-16 Emptiness and Otherness 46:32
Yahel Avigur
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