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Retreat Dharma Talks

July 2023

2023-07-01 (31 days) Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

2023-07-17 Talk #7: Third Tetrad (Steps 8 & 9) 56:59
Nikki Mirghafori
Overview of the third tetrad, emphasis on the first two steps whith three approaches to experiencing the mind, and a samadhi and insight wasy to gladdening it.
2023-07-18 Morning Reflections #15: Gladdening the Mind (Step 10) 45:21
Nikki Mirghafori
A guided meditation through previous steps up to gladdening the mind with different methods, with insight, awareness of mind, with metta and other serenity practices.
2023-07-19 Morning Reflections #16: Concentrating the Mind (Step 11) 37:54
Sayadaw U Jagara
A guided practice for bringing the participation of all aspects of our lives, physically and mentally. The simile of a symphony conveys the essence of centering and gathering with the conductor's baton bringing together all musicians - Holistic approach.
2023-07-19 Talk #8: Anapanasati & Satipatthana Comparisons (Steps 11 & 12) 46:38
Sayadaw U Jagara
Critical text analysis of how Anapanasati practice fulfills the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. Discussion of the samadhi (step 11) and liberating the mind (step 12) from hindrances and self.
2023-07-20 Morning Reflections #17: Concentrating the Mind 44:45
Nikki Mirghafori
A guided practice to center, calm and collect the mind by abiding with clear comprehension and mindfulness, without desire and grief for the world.
2023-07-21 Morning Reflections #18: Liberating the Mind (Step 12) 35:58
Sayadaw U Jagara
Three ways offered to practice this step; (1) Receiving the Dhamma as the most priceless gift, illustrated in the story of King Bimbisara to Pukkusati. (2) Seeing the six sense bases as they really are without clinging. (3) Time - the present without me, myself and mine.
2023-07-22 Morning Reflections #19: Meditation Subjects for Rahula 30:07
Sayadaw U Jagara
After a fifteen minute period of silent practice, the reflections on developing a mind like air and like space were presented.
2023-07-24 Morning Reflections #20: Inconstancy (Step 13) 44:09
Nikki Mirghafori
After a silent period, a guided reflection on inconstancy focusing on the five aggragates, and steadily seeing change gently.
2023-07-24 Talk #9: Inconstancy ( Step13) 54:16
Nikki Mirghafori
Many perspectives of impermenance set the tone to present the doorway to freedom it provides through the destruction of craving.
2023-07-25 Morning Reflections #21: Fading Away (Step 14) 41:00
Sayadaw U Jagara
A guided meditation through the entire sequence focusing on impermanence and fading away to support equanimity, non- reactive observation.
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