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Retreat Dharma Talks

New Year's Retreat: Finding Wholeness in a Broken World

As we move into the New Year we will acknowledge and sit with the challenges and gifts of 2022.

We will cultivate the intimate art of finding our place of home and belonging as we move forward.

Recognizing the potential for wholeness that lies in the midst of that which feels broken.

Cultivating resilience, we will be invited to sit in the gratitude and abundance that can guide us in each moment right where we are.

2022-12-31 (2 days) Cache Valley Sangha

2022-12-31 Retreat Introduction - Morning Reflection and Sit 45:48
Susie Harrington
Introductory Reflections for the retreat. Guided meditation focusing on Gratitude
2022-12-31 Finding Wholeness in a Broken World 57:19
Susie Harrington
We live in two worlds - our small personal world and the interconnected world of all beings and the earth. Connecting these two is key to understanding our situation and metabolizing the challenging times we live in. Talk has some loud sounds due to recording errors. A couple moments may be startling for the listener.
2023-01-01 Meeting Suffering with Compassion -Reflections, Instructions, and GM with Tonglen 63:04
Susie Harrington
Meeting the suffering of the world requires both wisdom of our interconnection, and compassion and equanimity to whole heartedly embrace the complexity of the suffering we find. Introduction following from previous talk. Detailed instructions for Tonglen (practice for transforming suffering into compassion) Guided Meditation: Tonglen.
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