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Retreat Dharma Talks

2023 Dhamma Talks

Talks given at CBM during 2023

2023-01-01 (365 days) Cittaviveka

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2023-05-28 The four postures are four 'Buddhas' 51:10
Ajahn Sucitto
To internalize Buddha, we can direct mindfulness to each of the four bodily postures. Through these they will guide our psychologies to balance and steadiness in the midst of conditions.
2023-06-03 The method of the Buddha's awakening 57:40
Ajahn Sucitto
The Buddha's Awakening and release came through firm intent and rigorous inquiry into the roots of mental behaviour: something we can all practise.
2023-06-17 Dhamma Culture and the forest ajahns 66:29
Ajahn Sucitto
Dhamma Culture and the forest ajahns
2023-08-09 The Domain of Release – the Deathless is now 58:05
Ajahn Sucitto
The aim of cultivation is the release from the stress, craving, and fear that sense consciousness creates.
2023-09-16 Cultivation is a Heart Process 51:28
Ajahn Sucitto
Establishing, reflecting on and enjoying the fruits of cultivation is an ongoing heart process.
2023-10-11 Coming to the end 50:50
Ajahn Sucitto
A Dhamma session is special, a form that is unlike the form in which most people live. But as we return to the helter-skelter of city life, it offers certain things to bear in mind.
2023-10-22 GM - Replenishing energy and resetting attitude 63:32
Ajahn Sucitto
Teachings from the last week of the vassa. Description pending.
2023-11-06 Left brain, right brain balance 48:58
Ajahn Sucitto
Dhamma teaching is never completed because it has to be right at the right time. It points to something; it never describes or defines. This allows the mind to decompress and get free from the conditioning forces of data and the pressure to make things happen.
2023-12-11 Vedena (feeling) is distinct from emotion 52:03
Ajahn Sucitto
Description pending
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