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Retreat Dharma Talks

Meditation Day - All Kinds of Kindness

There is so much wisdom in mettā practice. Cultivating goodwill and friendship with all beings reveals the roots and routes of lasting happiness. Furthermore, mettā is subtle and profound, and as creative and dynamic as life itself. On this day event, we explore some of the limitless possibilities this boundless practice offers. Together we can deeply enliven and expand our sense of existence.

2022-12-12 (1 day) Gaia House

2022-12-12 Opening Talk, and Guided Practice 66:41
Nathan Glyde
2022-12-12 Lightly Guided Meditation, and Dharma Talk - Relating Well 38:32
Nathan Glyde
2022-12-12 Guided Metta Meditation 32:05
Nathan Glyde
2022-12-12 Dharma Talk - All Kinds of Kindness 21:22
Nathan Glyde
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