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Retreat Dharma Talks

Creative Engagement with Strong Emotions Through the Three Characteristics

Working with our perception is at the heart of the Buddhist path. If the way we perceive the world (including both ourselves and others) is out of line with the way things are, then we will continually clash with reality, leading to disappointment and frustration.

The exploration of three central insights, known as the three characteristics of existence (impermanence, dukkha and not-self), may at first seem far-removed from our search for balance in these turbulent and challenging times. However, as we explore these insights in meditation practice, and in the light of our own life situation, we begin to see how they offer powerful doorways to aligning our perception with the way things are and to connecting us with a true sense of stability, wellbeing and confidence.

This one day online retreat is open to both new and experienced meditators. No prior meditation experience is necessary.

2022-11-26 (1 day) Gaia House

2022-11-26 Introduction to the Retreat Theme 34:10
Martine Batchelor
Attached Files:
  • Introduction to the Retreat Theme (PDF)
2022-11-26 Meditation and Instructions for Walking 21:13
Martine Batchelor
2022-11-26 Dharma Talk - Dukkha, Vedana and Strong Emotions 29:55
Martine Batchelor
Attached Files:
  • Dukkha, Vedana and Strong Emotions (PDF)
2022-11-26 Meditation on Vedana 28:07
Martine Batchelor
2022-11-26 Meditation on Appreciative Joy 16:16
Martine Batchelor
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