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Retreat Dharma Talks

Perspectives on Meditation - Cultivating a Path of Freedom

Meditation is a central part of the Buddhist path, yet the term can cover many different practices and approaches. This retreat explores how we can wisely approach meditation in ways that empower mindfulness and cultivate qualities of kindness and ease, both in formal practice and in daily life. We aim to see more clearly how the attitudes and intentions we bring to meditation can best support us in enjoying and benefiting from practice, as well as in avoiding potential pitfalls.

The retreat is suitable both for people who are new to meditation and also for more experienced meditators who would like to refresh their practice.

2023-02-27 (5 days) Gaia House

2023-02-28 Teaching Suggestions -- Grounding and Gathering 53:49
Jenny Wilks
2023-02-28 Dharma Reflections - Intentions, Actions, Results 44:15
Jenny Wilks
2023-03-02 Teaching Suggestions - Kindness and Compassion 57:33
Jenny Wilks
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