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Retreat Dharma Talks

Freeing the Heart at Home - Spacious Practice Weekend

In this day and age, most people walking a path of awakening are not in monasteries or mountain caves, but living diverse lives, out in the world. A world that is not just fast-paced, but calling out for us to live and act with greater wisdom and compassion. Our path invites us to embrace it all.

So during this spacious online practice weekend at home, we explore what a wholehearted path of freedom might look like in the context of the life that we are living; how to keep it centre-stage; how to access and operate from the timeless refuge within; and in particular, how a deep or even radical kindness might underpin and infuse our practice.

Making use of the online format to bring dharma supports into our particular life situations, there is guidance in both formal and informal meditation, teaching reflections, as well as opportunities to ask questions. With much of the day free to explore self-led practice, you can also include some of the activities that make up your days, as is helpful for you. The weekend is suitable for all levels of experience, and especially those wishing to galvanise a path of awakening within daily life.

2023-04-28 (3 days) Gaia House

2023-04-29 Morning Teaching, Instructions and Practice 35:56
Gavin Milne
Gathering the mind within the shape of our life.
2023-04-29 Meditation 46:07
Gavin Milne
2023-04-29 Evening Dharma Talk 63:36
Gavin Milne
Freeing the heart in daily life - radical kindness, and embracing our inner parts.
2023-04-30 Morning Teaching, Instructions and Practice 38:35
Gavin Milne
Opening to experience - fluid awareness and wise attention.
2023-04-30 Meditation 31:57
Gavin Milne
2023-04-30 Integrating Practice into Daily Life 18:37
Gavin Milne
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