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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Retreat Dharma Talks

Living With Illness and Loss

2023-06-03 (5 days) Gaia House

2023-06-04 Guided Meditation 36:45
Nathan Glyde
Mettā to sensations.
2023-06-04 Dharma Talk 43:57
Zohar Lavie
Opening Compassionately to the Human Condition
2023-06-05 Meditation Instructions 56:40
Zohar Lavie
Opening to the unpleasant.
2023-06-05 Dharma Talk 49:00
Nathan Glyde
Including Appreciating
2023-06-06 Meditation Instructions 50:10
Nathan Glyde
Opening to wellbeing.
2023-06-06 Guided Meditation 34:44
Zohar Lavie
2023-06-07 Closing Talk 49:34
Nathan Glyde, Tony O'Connor
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