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Retreat Dharma Talks

Christina Feldman – Distortion, Perception and Proliferation

In June 2023 London Insight Meditation hosted Christina Feldman for a retreat day exploring the Buddha's teachings on distortion, perception and proliferation.

2023-06-11 (1 day) London Insight Meditation

2023-06-11 Initial reflections on distortion, perception and proliferation 24:17
Christina Feldman
2023-06-11 Proliferation (papancha) 20:37
Christina Feldman
2023-06-11 Distortion (vipallasa) 12:05
Christina Feldman
2023-06-11 The perceptual knots that entangle us 21:18
Christina Feldman
2023-06-11 Retraining perception 36:02
Christina Feldman
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