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Retreat Dharma Talks

The Family Retreat

Find joy in a retreat for the whole family! This will be a time for you and your family to rest, reconnect, play, and enjoy. This is a four-night residential retreat for adults and their children ages 7-15 years old.

The days will combine age-appropriate meditation and Dharma teachings, games, arts and crafts, nature time, and more. Kids and teens will have organized time each day to be with same-age peers, fully supervised by our outstanding mindful leaders. Adults will also have their own time to practice, relax, and receive Dharma from the teachers.

The family retreat creates a safe and nurturing environment where all family constellations, races, gender identities, and bodies are welcome and belong. Children and adults from participant families often forge lifelong friendships on this retreat.

2023-07-26 (5 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2023-07-28 Mindfulness in Daily Life for Parents (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 57:36
Diana Winston
The family retreat 2023 at Spirit Rock focused on the Eightfold Path. This talk was on Samadhi-- or Wise Cultivation through Mindfulness and Meditation and was specifically geared to parents. How can parents practice mindfulness right in the heat of in daily life? Can we practice when we’re getting kids ready for school or putting them to bed, or fighting with our teen or when we're worried about them? Mindfulness can offer incredible tools to support parents in staying present, connected, awake, and in right relationship with our children, partners, and self.
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