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Retreat Dharma Talks

Online Dharma Hall - August 2023

2023-08-12 (20 days) Gaia House

2023-08-12 Transcending, Transforming, Embracing The Difficult 1:27:08
Nathan Glyde
Exploring if how we meet the painful, and transform it wisely and kindly towards less reactivity and contraction, can open a kind of freedom with other difficult relationships. And even allow us to be able to embrace being difficult, or with what seems difficult.
2023-08-19 The Usefulness of Truth 1:25:15
Nathan Glyde
The Buddha asked us to speak what is true and useful. Are those the same things? What is more important, usefulness or truth? And what is truly useful? Guided meditation, reflection, and (just Nathan's part of a Q&R session) Bear in mind, this is not speaking about truth as an objective exploration of scientific understanding, but an exploration of the truth of first person subjective knowledge: which is all a meditator can know about their experience.
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