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Retreat Dharma Talks

The Eye of the Heart: Tracing a Path to Soulfulness

With emptiness as our ground, our bodies as home base, and our hearts as doorways, we will trace a path from heartfulness to soulfulness. Loosening the views and the personality patterns that limit our hearts, and grounding and liberating the gifts of our imaginations we will cultivate kindness, joy, compassion and equanimity.

We learn to rest in the goodness of the boundless heart and from there we can venture, engaging contemplative ways of looking to explore a soulful and enchanted cosmos. A cosmos in which our particularities are needed, loved and woven into a sacred and meaningful story.

How does this retreat fit with the Soulmaking Dharma?
‘The Eye of the Heart’ is a Brahma Viharas retreat that then opens into the Soulmaking frameworks and practices. It is therefore suitable for students who may already be deeply involved with Soulmaking teachings and also for those who may not be, but who recognise they have an affinity and interest in this direction.

2023-09-02 (9 days) Gaia House

2023-09-03 Morning Instructions - 'The Body as Basis' and Guided Practice 44:35
Yahel Avigur
2023-09-03 Afternoon - Intentions; Inquiry; Short Practice w Benevolent Other 28:14
Catherine McGee
2023-09-03 Eve - The Four Directions; Chanting 50:12
Catherine McGee
2023-09-04 Morning Instructions - Energy Body and the Brahma Viharas 43:38
Yahel Avigur
This recording also includes Monica Atunes (Walking Meditation Guidance)
2023-09-04 Afternoon - Movement Practice; 'Joy' - with a Light Touch 42:12
Catherine McGee
2023-09-04 Eve - Emptiness; 'The World as Sacred Text' 52:02
Yahel Avigur
2023-09-05 Morning Instructions - Your Only Task Today is to Love 44:23
Catherine McGee
2023-09-05 Afternoon - Questions for the Lineage of Your Heart 16:31
Catherine McGee
2023-09-05 Emptiness & the Eye of the Heart 57:45
Yahel Avigur
2023-09-06 Morning Instructions - Equanimity 43:30
Catherine McGee
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